Dollar Tree vs Target

I had to buy some basic kitchen appliances recently, and because I’m cheap (I won’t make the stretch for thrifty) I went to Dollar Tree. I got everything I could find on my list on the cheap, but I still needed a few items that Dollar Tree didn’t have. I knew I could find it at Target (at a higher price, however).

I thought the numbers were interesting enough to talk about, so here are the stats!

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#HowToDad has been awesome all 8 times I’ve watched it, and will be for a long time. Fast paced, punny, and heartwarming - this commercial is a winner. It doesn’t push the brand too much, either, it’s just doing it’s thing - which is being awesome. 

howtodad cheerios funny

My friend found the Dairy Processing Room

Friend: Found a dairy processing room in the Dairy Industry Building. Briefly blew my mind.

Me: Cooooool!

Me: I'll be looking at this picture till the cows come home.

Me: Did it smell like dairy-air?

Me: Or like someone had cut the cheese?

Me: Where is it? I'm going to hoof it over there!

Friend: Food science building across from Ross hall haha

Me: It isn't by the library is it? I gotta beef with one of those librarians.

Friend: No. Haha it's by heady hall

Me: Does it have pro-bio-tics like the aerospace building?

Me: I bet it has great culture.

Friend: Would want it to spoil. Don't be lait (french fro milk)

Me: That's an udder-ly terrible pun.

Me: Always "steer" away from bad puns.

cows puns dairy milk

Camping & Planning

I took my girlfriend camping last week and it rained on our trip. It was great! We planned out everything in advance. Luckily I was out of school, and had time to compile everything we needed. Once we had the plan and knew were to get all of our gear, it went great!

This being the first outdoor excursion I took someone else on, not someone else taking me or at least co-camping, I learned a lot. First we thought of how the weather was going to be, as it had been sketchy the week before. I looked it up, and it was fine, so I didn’t worry about it. I made a list of gear (tent, sleeping bags, ect) and a menu (smores, chicken, more smores, ect).

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