#SocialBrand Series


Honestly, I haven’t had much luck at career fairs or my college’s online career services. So, I attended the Social Brand Forum 2014, by Brand Driven Digital, last week as a means to get to know my market. The student discount was enticing enough for me to skip out on class and work to find out if I could make any real connections.

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I’ve been cooking more intensely than I usually do in the past few days. Hey, that’s what happens when you binge watch SORTEDFood for three days then go shopping. (Above is a crack at some baked egg rolls - tasty!)

I’m using the hashtag (#SORTEDFood) to share all my successes on Instagram. Check it out. Cooking is fun!

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Dollar Tree vs Target

I had to buy some basic kitchen appliances recently, and because I’m cheap (I won’t make the stretch for thrifty) I went to Dollar Tree. I got everything I could find on my list on the cheap, but I still needed a few items that Dollar Tree didn’t have. I knew I could find it at Target (at a higher price, however).

I thought the numbers were interesting enough to talk about, so here are the stats!

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#HowToDad has been awesome all 8 times I’ve watched it, and will be for a long time. Fast paced, punny, and heartwarming - this commercial is a winner. It doesn’t push the brand too much, either, it’s just doing it’s thing - which is being awesome. 

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My friend found the Dairy Processing Room

Friend: Found a dairy processing room in the Dairy Industry Building. Briefly blew my mind.

Me: Cooooool!

Me: I'll be looking at this picture till the cows come home.

Me: Did it smell like dairy-air?

Me: Or like someone had cut the cheese?

Me: Where is it? I'm going to hoof it over there!

Friend: Food science building across from Ross hall haha

Me: It isn't by the library is it? I gotta beef with one of those librarians.

Friend: No. Haha it's by heady hall

Me: Does it have pro-bio-tics like the aerospace building?

Me: I bet it has great culture.

Friend: Would want it to spoil. Don't be lait (french fro milk)

Me: That's an udder-ly terrible pun.

Me: Always "steer" away from bad puns.

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