Life After Swimming

I don’t know how much anyone else relates to this article, but I feel so similar. My solution was to start a club in college. After I graduate… I don’t know what I’ll do…

Two ways to find new music that aren’t Pandora, iTunes, or Spotify

Pandora not giving you the right beat? iTunes full of nasty pop songs? Spotify giving you the same songs over and over? These two music sites are full of bran new music you’ve never heard before!

I would like to work with social media. Most businesses need to use social media today – not only use it, but use it right. And not only use it right for the business, but for its customers. That should be the goal of every business.
This is what I’m going to pitch today at the career fair. Wish me luck!

How I Work

Current mobile device: Moto X

Current computer: Toshiba Protégé in very used condition

One word that best describes how you work:  Flexible

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Tumblr. It usually has nothing to do with what I have to get done, & is a great creative distraction for when I need a break from work. There is actually some really good content there.

Besides your phone & computer, what gadget can’t you live without?

Great visual from Hugh MacLeod found here. 

Great visual from Hugh MacLeod found here


I’m subscribed to over 30 professional blogs that are updated daily, if not every other day. These blogs hundreds of posts generated every single day. How am I suppose to stay updated with a huge stack of articles everyday?

How could anyone look at all of these? My solution is to allot an hour a day (half in the morning and at lunch) to comb through posts. I’ve noticed a couple of reblogging sites, and I’ve stopped following those to cut down on clutter. I’ve also set my Feedly list to “Title Only” viewing so I can scan through and pick out articles that sound interesting or important. 

Despite cutting clutter and maximizing my viewing, the list of blog posts seems endless. I see no way to keep up with everything all the time. My solution is to keep relevant; instead of talking two or three hours to file through everything, I go through what I can, then delete the rest. I figure it’s better to stay relevant than to know everything that happened three days ago.

How do you stay updated?

Studying Tips

This is actually a full assignment for my MKT 445 class. If I learned anything, it would be to eliminate distractions. I usually have my phone out or listening to music while studying. Eliminate those distractions!

There are no magical solutions to study better and receive an ‘A.’

Of the year 2013

Join in my completely opinionated, random, and nonessential “of the year” countdown!

Of the year award of the year goes to GQ who gave a Wise Ass of the Year award to Andy Samberg. Totally fits!

Convo with my 2 year old of the year is “Fashion.”

Typography, Cartoons, & Art - Oh My!


Currently at 46 Pins and 12 Followers, my Pintrest Design Board is growing. I’ve dabbled in Pintrest in earlier years, but now I would fully like to understand it. I didn’t want to pin a bunch of recipes that I’ll never make, so I decided to make a design board which includes a lot of typography, cartoons, and art (oh my).

I hope I can make some casual connections and learn the inner workings of Pintrest. I’ve already followed some other cool people, and even got some repins!

(Image source: iGNANT)

I’ve always admired Kickstarter and it’s indie/grassroots ways. I thought about donating a couple times, and last week, I did - finally. I really didn’t know if the project would be funded because of the nature of it, but I really hoped that it would. Just a few hours after I donated, my phone buzzed. It was an email from Kickstarter - the project I donated to was fully funded! I was ecstatic!

Just a few seconds later I questioned why I had donated. Yes, I really liked the project, but I don’t usually impulse buy - especially on the internet. I mull over my decisions for days or weeks. This project, however, I laid down $15 no problem. It was the minimum for one of the perks often given by the people asking for your dough on Kickstarter. But $15 is more than I pay for my Hulu subscription, and I hate paying that bill every month! I thought it over some more, and I remember looking through the comments just before donating, watching some of the making of’s of how the project would be made, and I unconsciously realized that there were a lot of other people into this as I was, or maybe more.

I’m glad I donated, and I will again. I hope for a good ROI, haha. I feel like I made something happen for a lot of people, and it feels great! If you’re wondering what this project is, I’m a little embarrassed to tell, but I’m not embarrassed that I gave someone the chance to do something that they love and that I love as well. I donated to a cartoon based on a 10 minute short called Bee and PuppyCat (see above) created by Natasha Allegri on Cartoon Hangover.